Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Academic Spam

If the profgrrl over at Playing School can post her spam, then I can post mine, too. In case you can't tell, this is a vacation package made to look like a conference.

We would like to invite you to send a paper for this very important multi-conference Your paper, also, as an INVITED paper,(and only the invited papers on list) will be published also in the [conference] TRANSACTIONS on MATHEMATICS

I am pretty sure that such an INVITED paper could be made to look like something which counted towards tenure points at my previous institution. Unless the outside reviewers said something about it. Certainly it would have counted towards the course release earned by tenured faculty who kept up their scholarly activity.

For this great [conference name] Multiconference of MATHEMATICS in Corfu (Greece) the Organizers achieved incredible low prices in the CHP Hotel (Corfu Hilton), 5 Star Sea Resort in Corfu Island, Greece,

Because you know that there might be some funding available if you are presenting a paper. And I'm sure Greece is lovely.

Here's the kicker:

Please, send us only high-quality research paper(s) (not overview, not surveys) with original results and with excellent english language.