Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Everyday Math

Where does a lovely (but very hot) summer day find our narrator? Making poor use of her 23+ years of formal mathematics education, it seems. The other day I broke a window, and I went to the glass shop to have replacement glass cut. Unfortunately, the piece I asked for was too small. Allow me to quote from the NCTM Standards, measurement, grades Pre-K-2:

  • Understand how to measure using nonstandard and standard units.
  • Select an appropriate unit and tool for the attribute being measured.

So now I am starting to doubt the economy of doing my own home repairs instead of teaching summer school. From a cash-flow standpoint, this may end up being a wash. In terms of my sanity, it's also undecided. Teaching summer school sucks out your soul. Compressing a full semester of mathematics into a few weeks in the summer is stressful and disappointing at its best. Other words which come to mind are futile and Sisyphean. We will see if the next few months bring some choice words from the home front.