Friday, July 16, 2004

More Progress

  • Made it into the office for the fourth time this week. A new record!

  • Discussed my teaching schedule. An excellent solution was found. Now there is a good chance that someone lower on the academic food chain will end up dealing with the most difficult aspect of my old schedule. But I have to look out for myself first.

  • Finished cleaning my office. Found three dead roaches.

  • Fussed a bit more with my course's web page.

  • Decided to try reading an expository paper.

  • Went to the used book store near campus. Meant to get Infinite Jest (because I'm not busy enough?); they didn't have it. Instead I got A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper. Some of the vignettes might make for a nice class discussion.

  • The rest of the day is reserved for working on the house. Having boarded up windows is kind of dark.