Sunday, July 11, 2004

Mosquito Control

Never mind all the overblown hype about the West Nile Virus, I just find mosquito bites to be horribly annoying. Here's what I've tried to avoid them (prices are approximate):

  • Staying inside (free): effective but limiting.

  • Long sleeves and long pants (free): It's very hot outside, so this results in staying inside.

  • Eliminating standing water (free): Mosquitoes find secret hidden water.

  • Off Skintastic Spray 7% Deet ($4): OK if you don't miss spots. Wears off. Leaves you sticky.

  • Cutter All Family Mosquito Wipes 7.15% Deet ($4): Better coverage than the spray. Wears off. Leaves you sticky.

  • Citronella Candle ($4): Reduces bites quite a bit (but not to zero) if you're nearby.

  • Off Mosquito Coils ($5 + 4 refills for $5): More effective than the citronella candle, but the range is very limited. Has a funky incense smell that reminds me of my housemates from college. If it came in a clove cigarette scent (or another, um, herbal scent), I would be magically transported back to those days and the last time that I lived in a somewhat run-down old house.

  • Off Mosquito Lantern ($10 + 3 refills for $5): This rocks. Much more cost effective if you can find the coupon. Get it.

  • Mosquito-Deleto Inhibitor ($7 refill): Lemony scent. I can't tell when it's working or when it needs a refill.

  • Mosquito Deleto ($175+): I haven't found it to be effective in the least. I should have used the money to buy a second battery for my Roomba and a piece of antique glass (or reproduction antique glass) for the window in my living room.