Monday, July 26, 2004

Open Letter

Dear Nosy Neighbors,

At around 9 this morning I was visited by the building inspector. But you probably expected that.

You may be disappointed to learn that the building inspector and I had a nice chat about my house, and he complimented the work I was doing. Furthermore, by asking just a few questions he was able to determine that I do not need a building permit for this work. That I had expected to be the case, as I have read the relevant part of the building code. Have you?

I am not replacing anything. The reason that it's taking so long and looking so good when it's finished is not because I'm putting in new stuff. It's because when I paint I put in the time and effort to do the prep work right and I do a damn good job.

If I were a vindictive bitch I would consider doing something really ugly and out of character with our neighborhood — but which falls within the letter of the law of the building code.

Yours in the Neighborhood,
Becky Hirta