Saturday, July 24, 2004

Outside of School

No math yet today.

  • Ran out of coffee this morning, so I walked to the grocery store to buy more. As I passed by, there was a woman relieving herself in the park. The woman ahead of me at the check-out didn't have enough left on her EBT card to buy all her food; there's still a whole week left in July.

  • Went to buy some new clothes in a touristy area with a high shopping density. There was this kid tormenting his little sister while their mom shopped. She kept doing that "stop it, or else I'll have to say 'stop it' again" thing, and they wouldn't stop. While dodging his sister's retaliation, the kid plowed into me. The mom whirled around and smacked him and started yelling at them both.

  • I taught a woman in my neighborhood how to reglaze a single pane window.