Monday, July 19, 2004

Simple, Normal, and Regular

The oddness in my eating, sleeping, and working schedules has subsided. As a side effect, I find myself browsing around on the internet instead of getting things done.

Somewhere in the archives of Tony Pierce's busblog I found a link to Bob Mould's blog. Even now I'm a bit shy about linking to it, as years ago a friend of my housemates was sort of obsessed with (and mildly long-distance stalking) Bob Mould. It was sort of painful and awkward to watch. And it left me with a deep feeling that people should not bother Bob Mould. (Listening to his music is OK, though — encouraged, in fact. "Hanging Tree" from Black Sheets of Rain is always appropriate when savoring a bad mood.)

And I came across a very quirky blog by mathematician Graham Leuschke. While reading his archives I found a post about Ahmad Chalabi being a mathematician. What's funny (to me, at least) is that Leuschke starts with an anecdote where one of his colleagues misidentifies Chalabi as a category theorist. He goes on to note that Chalabi is "more of a group theorist." Looking Chalabi up on MathSciNet (subscription database), I would say that "algebraist" would be a more accurate descriptor; Chalabi was looking at questions relating to ring theoretic properties of group algebras. Two of his three papers have Mathematics Subject Classifications* of 16 (associative rings and algebras) while only the third is in classification 20 (group theory and generalizations).

*The full MSC runs nearly 70 pages.