Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Still More Math

Today I was once again reminded of the riches of mathematics.

Although the progess is going slowly on the paper that I've been reading, I've been talking to some really neat people about some very exciting things outside of my area of specialty, and I've started to think about some of those ideas. I've submitted a proposal to work on an extention of one of their projects, and I've been invited to (and made my arrangements to attend) one of their conferences this fall. Part of me is hoping to get a paper out of this work just so that I'd have the opportunity to thank them publicly in the acknowlegdements.

When I came into the office today (three days in a row!), I found the "Panther" installers in my mailbox, and decided to upgrade the OS on my office computer. While the machine was puttering, I reorganized my bookshelf and my filing cabinet. (Color coded hanging files!) I found a folder about an inch and a half thick (or, as my mother would say, about 4cm) labeled "things to read." All sorts of neat articles. Some directly related to my research, and some which are just really cool. (Like one about 3D kaleidoscopes that generate images of the Platonic solids!) And I found on my bookshelf all sorts of books full of things which I'd love to teach to undergraduates. Even to the oft-maligned underprepared freshmen.

And my desk is clean! How much better can a day get?