Tuesday, July 27, 2004

This Old House

Mathematician Nick Coult certainly needs a building permit: you can read all about it at his home renovation blog. It's like he's living an episode of Hometime or This Old House. Wow, what a project. Should be lovely when it's finished.

Lake Basement Chez Hirta/Salvia I now feel as though I should not be complaining about the failing gutters which contribute to the flooding of the basement. We've been having, oh, just a little bit of rain around here lately. (Picture was taken today.) Projects around here are very modest compared to what Nick has taken on. I am not skilled or cheerful enough to pretend to be remodeling goddess Robin Hartl. I probably could handle being former This Old House host Steve Thomas: the most I've seen him do is carry Tom Silva's tools. The house next door to me is for sale. I keep hoping that Tom Silva will decide that he's had enough of Boston and wants to be my neighbor.