Thursday, August 05, 2004

A Change in the Weather

  • Someone emailed me a link to the subservient president.

  • Spent most of the morning working on the house, but my shoulder started complaining. I’ve been doing garudasana arms repeatedly since then.

  • Someone trying to parallel park scraped against the front end of my car. Currently the dirt hides the damage.

  • I dumped the flaky email program I’d been using on and off since 1991 and installed Thunderbird.

  • Met with a student from the spring who wants me to write him a letter of recommendation for professional school. He said a bunch of good things about my class.

  • A storm came through and the temperature fell significantly. I could wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt.

  • Got an email saying that my paper has been accepted by a journal.

  • Tried to find a composition notebook which is not wide ruled. Wide ruled ones are less than a dollar. Narrow ruled ones are almost $4. I refused to spend that much. Instead I got a non-spiral notebook of graph paper.

  • Went for a walk. No one asked me to smile or for a light, a cigarette, or some change.