Thursday, August 05, 2004

Pin Hole Camera

The work that needs doing no longer seems fun, so I’m thinking of turning the spare bedroom into a pin hole camera.

I’ve done this before. We were having an open house/room-to-room party (daytime) when I was in college, and I took the room at the front of the third floor and put cardboard over its sole window and made a hole about the size of a quarter in the covering. On the back wall of the room you could see an inverted image of the ratty old Victorian across the street.

It’s harder to do in most rooms because you need to block almost all light from coming in. (The Bunkroom is naturally very dark.) But now the window project has made its way around to the side of the house, and both windows in the spare bedroom are boarded up. And now it is quite dark in there. The only technical issue is making a hole in the plywood — easy to do with a drill but not all that practical for keeping bugs and weather out.

It’s not procrastination: it’s science. Probably I will let this idea pass, for now, and do the responsible things that I should be taking care of. But only because the view out that window is mundane. When it’s the bedroom’s turn to be worked on, I’ll certainly project an image of the back yard and the lovely old maple tree onto the wall.