Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Political Aside

Normally I wouldn't blog about national politics. (I also try to avoid quizzes and commenting on my internal organs — no one wants to hear about my heart murmur.) But I was actually paying attention to Morning Edition this morning while they were yapping about the Republican convention.

I am an undecided voter. I think that one major candidate is an idiot with whom I disagree on most issues. The other major candidate refuses to take a stand on anything important. Someone I know would be an elector in the Electoral College if Ralph Nader won my state; an alumnus of Alma Mater runs for one of those harmless parties in most presidential races. So do I vote for a third party candidate or just stay home? I haven't decided. (I do not live in one of the states being criss-crossed by groveling politicians.)

But all this maudlin terrorism nonsense has irritated me. If I were the benevolent dictator running the show, terrorism would not be a priority with me. I would focus on the flu. The Centers for Disease Control estimate that 36,000 people in the US die every year from the flu. Yes, to put it into the hyperbolic language of politics, we have the equivalent death from ten major terrorist attacks each and every year from the flu. Do you know how many flu shots we could give out with all the money that we've spent on this War on Terror? But, teary relatives aside, you know that it's not about saving American lives.

I will never be all-powerful Queen. Not only am I too busy, but if I ever plan on working for the federal government, I'm not allowed to overthrow the government by non-constitutional means.
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