Sunday, August 29, 2004

Shopping for Credit

Teaching-work found its way into my weekend: I had to go to the grocery store to buy two pineapples to demonstrate one way the Fibonacci Numbers are seen in plants. One pineapple will be unadorned and the other will have its spirals made obvious with stripes. Too bad the floral department didn't have any good sunflowers. (I could have kept them busy all period with counting all 89 spirals.)

Oh and there was some blog-based procrastinating, too. Not feeling up to futzing with the blog template and eliminating the most annoying aspects of it, I instead experimented with the "next blog" button on the Blogger bar.

Here are a few Blogger-blogs that appear to be written by adults in a language easily identified as English (nothing else is implied about their content): Alright, back to work.

Oh, wait, here's one more: The Mad Linguist.