Sunday, August 01, 2004

Summer Ends

Having the calendar change over to August drives home the idea that the summer is ending. School starts in August. This seems so wrong to me; most of my life, school always started in September. (I seem to remember that once it didn’t start until October, but that may be wishful thinking on my part.)

label from disposable contactsBut it is the beginning of new month and time to put in new contact lenses and to tie up all the loose ends of my summer projects. I’m still confused by some of the arguments in the paper I’m reading. I’m going to take it on faith that if you have a prime, noetherian k-algebra R and an invertible ideal N such that dimkR/N is finite and you mod out any power of the radical of N then the quotient is artinian, and I’ll try to understand what comes after that. I’d like to find something to read which will inspire me to think about a nice problem which I have a chance of solving. One of my fall courses (the one I’ve taught before) is set to go for the fall. The course for Education majors still needs more work, but there’s enough structure in place to get a good start on the semester. The window project is about half done. But it’s the front half of the house which is done, so the rest can be worked on more slowly. Hardly any progress was made on the inside painting, but that can be done any time of year. Didn’t even get started on the doors.

little pieces of threadunfinished crochet projectI’ve started to clip all the loose threads on my unfinished crochet project. This can be worked on in spare moments and office hours during the school year. And maybe I’ll cast on the start of a knitting project: fingerless gloves (my hands are always cold all winter). I should get back in touch with people who I only see at school and start the process of transitioning from summer work to school year work.