Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Today in the Office

  • Buildings and Grounds came by to replace the burnt out flourescent tubes in the (only) light fixture in my office. After fussing about for half an hour they told me that they are going to have to come back and rewire and replace the entire fixture. Compare to this past winter when the only way they could make my radiator stop banging was to turn off all the steam to the entire building.

  • I found a broken wooden chair in the hallway (the entire back snapped off). Based on the typestyle and handwriting on the inventory label and the fact that it has no phillips head screws, I'm guessing it's pretty old. I'm planning on bringing it home and using it as a plant stand.

  • Instead of checking off the homeworks, I read the September issue of Martha Stewart Living.

  • Some guy I'd never seen before came by and asked if I knew the difference between the wedge product and the outer product. I don't.

  • I have to decide whether to go home and come back or to stay here and do some work. At 7pm I'm showing a movie to my classes. I have plenty of work, and I brought my knitting, so I'm leaning towards staying.