Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Cause and Effect

The other day I complained about the recommendations that I get from Bloglines. Today there were only four library blogs on the list! And one of them is Dorothea's blog, which I do try to read at least once in a while. (I started reading it because I recognized her name from asc from a while back.)

So now, emboldened that my complaining is somehow effective, I shall try again. Whoever at Apple is in charge of fast user switching needs to fix how it deals with key layouts. I use the Dvorak key layout for my regular user account but qwerty (which is a Scrabble word, btw) for my Administrator account. At the login window it seems random as to which keyboard the computer is expecting you to use for the password. Unless you can type abcdefg by pressing the keys labeled anihdyu, you might not be able to log in -- even if you know the password.

(And, yes, if I visit you and borrow your computer, I will be forced to type very slowly while looking at the keyboard because otherwise I'll produce app malldo sy ugnndog;j kjak pssv; pgvd kjg; gl;kdah sy ,jak G mdalk ks ktrd!)