Monday, September 27, 2004

New Excuses

Have I recently told you that the morning class is as good as the afternoon class is bad?

I've decided that I can't grade the problem sets now because I have to xerox them before I write on them. Someday I will need to show someone how absolutely amazing my morning class is, and I want to have clean copies of their work.

I would scan their homework and share it with you, but the files would be huge, and most of you would not recognize how amazing it is. These are freshmen who have always been in the average-to-below-average track in math, and they have written proofs that are of comparable quality to those that I've seen written by (weak) math majors at a much better institution. Granted, we have spent weeks on things that the math majors' course would cover in a day or two, and my students are working in small groups. But it's still pretty spectacular. These are much better than any proofs I would have written as a freshman.

But since I can't xerox them now, I will have to hold off on the grading until tomorrow morning.