Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A New Wrinkle on Ironing

Today was a nice transition back to the work-week. Office hours and a meeting: not hard.

I kept my pledge that I was not going to do any more class-related stuff over the weekend. Today I came in an hour before my office hours to do my xeroxing, and since only one student came by, I was able to write a lecture on functions. But knowing that it is really bad (and that more time would not make it better), I kept it short and also wrote a worksheet. I must defend myself and point out that it is a worksheet full of sneaky problems that review everything we've done so far.

Yesterday I starched and ironed nearly 12 yards of fabric. Really I need to stop being so cheap and get one of those extra-wide ironing boards and a better iron. I used real starch instead of Magic Sizing, so I had to wash the floor around the ironing board afterwards: roaches eat starch, and I don't want my house to be a vermin buffet. (You probably don't have to worry about that in the suburbs.)

This evening I get to figure out the best way to cut out pieces of fabric that are 40" by 1.5" rectangles. Non-trivial: I don't have a long enough straight-edge or a large enough work surface; folding in half only works if you cut precisely perpendicular to the fold. But at least my fabric is now smooth and flat.