Saturday, September 11, 2004

On This Date

Exactly one year ago today was the closing on the house.

Originally it was scheduled for September 4. But the sellers' mortgage company refused to send the title company the necessary information, so none of the documents could be prepared. I would would categorize this mortgage company as a "predatory lender," and it seemed that they wished to screw the sellers in a bit of a turn-about-is-fair-play move.

So on the afternoon of Thursday, September 11, 2003, my real estate agent called and said that the company faxed over the needed information and there could be a closing only if it happened that day. So everyone made hasty arrangments to meet at the title company.

The title company is owned by a former school teacher. While we were waiting for the sellers' real estate agent there was some chit-chat, and she decided to share her story about when she taught sixth grade math. She admitted that she would have been totally lost without the answer book.