Saturday, September 11, 2004

Pardon Our Dust

Here at Learning Curves Productions we are committed to our core mission of providing you with innovative, thought-provoking, and entertaining blog content. In order to better serve you, our readers, we are rolling out several improvements to our template.

While we anticipate a seamless transition for most phases of this exciting project, there may be times when readability is impaired. Those using Mac OS X Ocelot Puma Panther with Safari 1.2 should experience the blog as it is intended to be viewed. Readers encountering serious flaws (such as extremely tiny text) should contact our quality contol maven. Furthermore, strange-looking test posts may appear (and be repeatedly updated) from time to time, as Blogger's preview function is suboptimal.

Special thanks are due to the staff at our Los Angeles office for having sent us the "least weasel" book, without which this project would have been impossible.

We appreciate your patience and continued readership during this upgrade, and we welcome your comments.