Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Good Things for Today

  • Two failing students came to my office hours. We had productive conversations, and I could make specific suggestions as to what they should do differently.

  • Got an email from Advisor in response to my request for a letter of recommendation for current job search. Despite current baseball situation, he seems in his usual good mood. He even used the word "Boston" in a neutral setting.

  • Book buyer came by and took unsolicited textbooks off my hands. Not only is my bookshelf less overstuffed, but I am now $36 richer.

  • I reread two of Marilyn Burns's books and found insidious, devious, and clever problems to challenge my pre-service teachers.

  • All the grading and prep for my Wednesday classes is finished before 2pm on Tuesday. I have the rest of the afternoon to work on my job application and/or my research.