Sunday, October 03, 2004

Lack of Imagination

During every previous presidential election year, I have lived in New York or California. This meant that I had a delightful ballot full of fun choices that didn't really matter. I could vote for Dartmouth alumnus and physicist John Hagelin, and it wouldn't have any effect on the political process. Heck, I could have voted for the Republican candidate, and it wouldn't have made a difference. And all those choices! Over a dozen ballot lines! Sometimes I had the option to vote for the Bull Moose Party! Even Giblets was on the ballot! This was no mean feat in New York, where getting on the ballot requires over 10,000 signatures and jumping through flaming hoops guarded by tigers. (Unless your party gets over 50,000 votes for Governor. Despite my vote for Andrew Cuomo, the Liberal Party lost its ballot line in 2002.)

So today I went to look at the online version of my sample ballot. Bah. Five measly choices. Bush, Kerry, Nader, Badnarek, and Peroutka. At the very least, Cobb should have made it onto the ballot.

This is especially pathetic, as getting on the ballot in my state requires a measly 275 signatures. I think I'll run for President in 2008. If I can get each of my students to collect five signatures, I'll have more than enough. Wanna be my elector?