Friday, October 01, 2004

Overworked or Underpaid?

Today I found in my mailbox my Personalized Benefits Statement; this is a breakdown of my salary and benefits. This is really a secret message from the administration that reads, "Stop complaining about how much your health insurance is costing you because it costs us a whole lot more. And if you think that you can do better by quitting and getting a consulting job, be our guest, but remember that you'd also need to earn an extra $11,000 before taxes to be doing as well as you are now." But since most people are innumerate, I'm wondering if their message is getting through.

The most interesting part of this statement was when they broke things down on an hourly basis. The form gives my salary both as an annual rate and as an hourly rate. So I took my annual salary and divided it by my hourly salary and learned that the university expects me to be working 1726.5 hours a year. If you divide that by the number of weeks in two semesters, it suddenly becomes clear why I'm spending nearly 60 hours per week in my office.