Sunday, October 17, 2004

Public Radio and the Pledge Drive

The pledge drive is making me even less likely to send them any money. I'm almost ready to switch to Christian radio in hopes of mocking badly acted radio dramas like Unshackled. Noted:
  • Announcers have been yapping nonstop about the mocha mug they're giving out as a thank you gift. They didn't know that "mocha" was a technical term refering to the shape of the mug; now that they know, they won't shut up about it.

  • They claim that their classical music programming is better than WNYC's. I don't remember any classical music on WNYC. Oh, right: if they started playing it, I could change to AM and listen to shows I enjoyed. Ditto for why I listened to WEOS instead of WSKG. Locally there is only one public radio station! I'm trapped!

  • WEOS never asked for money. WNYC asked in a straight-forward manner and never told us how much the goal was or how much they'd received so far. Local station sounds whiny and desperate. If no one will call in to support classical music, well, maybe you can draw some conclusions from that.

  • I would pay money (OK, not a lot) to be able to listen to KCRW in my car.