Saturday, October 23, 2004

Should I Ask You?

A simple guide for students who are wondering if now is the time to request special favors or accomodations. Just add up the points for each part of my outfit and use the score to make your decision!
Counterintuitive, but less comfortable = more points. Anything with a heel is worth 5 points. Dansko clogs are worth 3 points. The purple Converse sneakers are worth 1 point.

black skirtjeansSkirts and dress pants are worth an automatic 5 points. Jeans-like pants made out of corduroy or non-denim twill are worth 3. Jeans are worth 1 point -- except for the pair that I stole borrowed from Timothy in 1997 when he was recovering from appendicitis and now mostly wear when doing yard work; those are worth 0 points.

button-down shirtPokemon T-shirtButton-down shirts made of woven material are worth 5 points, as are fine-gauge cashmere sweaters. Fitted t-shirts are worth 3 points. Plain black t-shirts are worth 2 points; black t-shirts with a reference to pop culture or music are worth 1 point.

jacketflannel shirtA jacket is worth 5 points. Sweaters are worth 3 (except for the oversized green sweater that is worth 2 points). Flannel shirts are worth 1 point.

Add up the points see what the score means:
  • 15+ points: Go ahead, ask! I'm probably in a good mood.
  • 10-14 points: It's a normal day. Take your chances.
  • 5-9 poins: You can ask if you want to, but you're unlikely to get what you want.
  • 0-4 points: Don't bother. I'll do the opposite of whatever you ask.

One further adjustment:
Subtract 10 points if I'm wearing my glasses.