Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Communications of Tuesday, October 26, 2004:

11.28am: Dad leaves message on my voicemail: "Hi, it's Dad. Give me a call."

5:26pm: Dad leaves message on my voicemail: "Hi, it's Dad again. Is something wrong? Give me a call."

5:30pm: Dad sends email: "Becky, I tried to call earlier and left a message. Also called shortly awhile ago and no answer from you from cell #. Is all o.k.? -Dad"

5:32pm: Becky calls her parents: "Hi, what's the matter? My phone was off." Parents: "We were thinking of driving out to visit you. We're planning on coming next Friday and leaving Monday morning when you leave for work. We're going to visit [family friends in neighboring state] from Wednesday to Friday of that week and wanted to see you over the weekend. Is that OK?"

Somehow I feel that this is in response to my telling them last week that I am too busy to visit them for Thanksgiving.