Thursday, November 25, 2004

Course Catalog

100 Remedial Algebra. Does not count towards graduation. For non-traditional students and athletes.

110 How to Stop Being an Idiot. We have scoured the field of mathematics for topics that do not require more than a vague awareness of algebra or arithmetic -- having always been bad at math is not an excuse for failing this course. Featuring strict deadlines and many low-stakes assignments, emphasis is on reading the textbook, following directions, and knowing the difference between "an educated guess" and "making stuff up".

119 Last Chance to Prove Yourself. Things you should have learned in high school. For students whose placement test scores are too low to enroll in Math 125.

125 Weeder Course. Most popular formulas and algorithms from calculus. Students who possess abstract reasoning skills will be able to make sense of it and will find it really easy. Others will be totally perplexed and view the course as a nonsense jumble of things to be memorized. Required of students majoring in business, agriculture, or any very popular major.

130 Calculus is Not for Riff-Raff. A trial-by-fire of material from Algebra II and Trig. For students who think they want to take Real Calculus even though their placement test scores are low.

141 Real Calculus. You may be asked to do epsilon-delta limit proofs or to prove that differentiability implies continuity. Woe to the student who decides to slack off in this course because he had calculus in high school.