Monday, November 29, 2004

From the Last Class

Question: What is one thing you learned in this class?

  • I learned different techniques that I can use when trying to solve a problem.
  • I learned that math can be applied to many aspects of life and that math is definitely not my strongest subject.
  • How to effectively solve word problems. I have always been bad at them, but this year I did well.
  • I learned a lot about probability and how to determine the odds of a given situation occurring.
  • The thing I have learned from this class is the importance of homework and studying.
  • I learned that the Platonic Solids can fit into each other and a point in one shape's middle lines can make another solid.
  • I always knew about proofs and actually did some in geometry, but this class taught me several easier methods and more effective ways to complete a proof.
  • I learned more about finance. I enjoyed the unit on finance because buying a house or a car is something that will happen to me one day and I needed to know how to calculate.
  • One thing that I learned in this class is that if you have a larger problem you are having trouble with, break it down into a smaller one to make it easier.
  • Patience -- because I didn't always understand right away.
  • I learned about Fibonacci Numbers which I did not know before.
  • I have learned that there is usually more than one way to go about solving a problem.
  • The pigeon-hole principle.
  • I learned about the formula V+F=E+2.
  • I learned that I can actually comprehend mathematical concepts!
  • This semester I learned a lot about using reason rather than actual formulations and figures, but more importantly I learned what it really takes to make it in college. I learned that you really have to work for it.
  • To think outside the box -- math is more than just formulas and numbers, it is learning to think creatively.
  • I learned the Infinite Monkey Theorem.