Friday, November 05, 2004


  1. Now that the job application is out of my hands I can stop obsessing about the other candidates. One CV includes the candidate's religion. This strikes me as odd, as the job I speak of is not at a religiously affiliated school. Furthermore, candidate's religion is not something work-related (Pythagorean, reject-Axiom-of-Choice, etc.). Perhaps Other Candidate is also applying to religiously affiliated schools and only has one all-purpose CV?

  2. I wonder if the Church Ladies have called me in as a suspicious person. I've been casing the joint at Holy Ghost and at Immaculate Conception, trying to figure out which is easier to get to from my house (HG) and which has better parking (IC) so that I can send my parents to church on Sunday. After making a quick drive-by, I made another trip to nail down the specifics. But I forgot to take notes on street names and where the traffic lights and one-way streets are, so I had to go back again. I sat around in the parking lot writing everything down. Better hide the ceboria.

  3. When my parents sprung their visit on me, I didn't realize that there was a home football game this weekend. Should be a total zoo. Dad may think that I should have tried to get tickets (no). Walk on the bridge over the river during the game, sure. Watch the game on television, maybe a few minutes. Go to the game? No. We're playing against my grandfather's favorite team. Mom spent time at their campus a long time ago and says that they have a mosaic of Jesus with his arms held up doing the signal for touchdown.