Monday, November 22, 2004

Wish List

Yesterday I made my plane reservations to go home for xmas. Good fare ($244) considering the short notice, as I'm travelling December 10 - 13.

You didn't think that I would be anywhere near an airport (or my relatives) for the actual dates of Thanksgiving or Christmas, did you? My mom is still working on getting a copy of Jesus' birth certificate, but until she does that, I will go home for Christmas in the middle of December. Since I'm not a church-going person, the only reason that I go home is to see my relatives in December.

But now we get to the issue of gifts and a two-week reduction in shopping season, and "Santa" is pestering me about what I want. Unfortunately, the elves are unable to scrape up a course release for the spring nor are they willing to clean my house.

Santa says that my brother is getting a digital camera. But I have trouble with digital cameras; I can not get Cannons to take any pictures at all because there is some trick to how you have to press the button, and I have no patience for that. Santa is disappointed that I've decided to live with my 2 Megapixel/digital zoom camera until the DSLRs come down in price.

I've thought about getting a new fish tank (I've found myself at the LFS several times this month). I've thought about putting a better stereo in the Civic (THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!). I've run out of excuses for not having window treatments in the livingroom/diningroom. But I'm not really that excited by any of those ideas.

Coming up with a wish list is now one more task on my list of things to do.