Sunday, December 05, 2004

Calendar Complaint

Our Fall 2004 academic calendar was just awful.

August 18: First day of classes. Way too early. Especially since many of our students work in the tourism industry, and tourist season doesn't end until Labor Day.

November 22-24: During the week of Thanksgiving, we had classes scheduled Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Even the afternoon and evening classes were supposed to meet on Wednesday!

November 29-30: Right after coming back from Thanksgiving, there were classes on Monday and Tuesday (so one last class for MWF and TR classes), and then classes ended.

December 1-2: Then we had two study days.

December 3: One day of finals.

December 4: Football team had the league championships in a city about a 4-hour drive from here. Many undergraduates are football fans. When I caught part of the game on TV last night, there certainly looked like there were a lot of students in the crowd.

December 6-9: The rest of finals.

If we'd started a week later, I would have been much happier. If we were still on quarters (which, alas, we're not), we could have done like Union College: their last day of finals was November 23.