Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Dualing Avoidance

For the past two days I've been meaning to write my talk. Monday's efforts were so unsuccessful (instead of writing a single word, I printed a copy of the suitably vague abstract I wrote in August and then knitted a pair of mittens) that I have made the rule that I am not allowed to start any new craft projects or do anything fun until I make some progress on the talk. Since then I have washed every item of clothing I own that is not labeled "dry clean only" (and one that is), gone to Target to stock up on household basics, and sorted through the large pile of magazines next to the couch.

What I have not done is get my hair cut. According to the recommendation of my stylist I am due for a haircut on January 4. According to me, I was due for a haircut right about the time that she finished "cutting" my hair, as (to my eyes) it looked exactly the same as when I entered the salon. Yes, I should have said something at the time, but at the beginning of the haircut, I told her that I was getting bored with my hair and I was looking for something completely different. What more could I say?

I know nothing about hair and hairstyles: That is why I go to full-service salons staffed by highly trained professionals. I don't want to spend time finding a picture of a celebrity whose hairstyle would look good on me and would be possible with my hair. I don't want to learn the jargon of hair so as to micromanage my haircut. If it were not for my self-imposed ban on knitting, I'd consider shaving it all off and making myself a hat.