Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Late 1968: Accounting of his Estate
$100 to the hotel where he lived, $69.78 to each of his children.

April 1, 1968: Letter to Jane
Incidentally, the death was listed as accidental -- the general opinion being that he had the DTs and fell. I told my children that the accident was an overdose of pills as I did not want them to get nightmares for the rest of their lives. However, [my son], who came home from Viet Nam on compassionate leave, may have discovered what happened.

April 2, 1968: Letter from Jane
I do appreciate your thoughtfulness in writing to me about Paul. It goes without saying that the news made me sad. He could have been such a great person, and of course he was, when he had the chance.

October 5, 1967: Letter from Paul
You know, there is something I have long wanted to say to you, and I had better say it before it is too late to say it. That is simply how deeply grateful I am to you for having brought up the kids in such a way that they seem to harbor no resentment or no hostility against me. The record, in alcoholic smashups, is almost 100 per cent the other way round, and I have thought of this many, many times.

March 11, 1968: From the Death Certificate
2c: Name of Hospital or Institution. If not in hospital, street address: In front of [the hotel where he lived]
Part 1a: Immediate cause: Multiple fractures and internal injuries
Part 1b: Due to or as a consequence of: Fall from height
Part 1c: Due to or a consequence of: Circumstances undetermined, pending police investigation
11. Age at last birthday: 61 yrs