Thursday, December 09, 2004

From the Final

Question: List two ways in which a cylinder is different from a Möbius strip.

Answer: A cylinder is not very möbius, it does not present wonder. A cylinder is a closed shape, nothing can pass through it.

Question: Dover borrowed $25,000 from the bank at a rate of 7.2% and will be paying this loan off for the next 10 years, making monthly payments of $292.85. How many payments will Dover make? What is the total value of all the payments? How much goes to interest?

Answer: I do not know how to do these!

Question: What is the numeric value of the Golden Ratio?

Answer: One-to-one correspondence.

Question: Why did we study the Pinwheel Pattern? What notable features does it have (or lack)? Sketch a little bit of the pattern.

Answer: It can be found in almost any system from Nature to the Stock Market. [Ed. Note: No, I did not show Pi in class.]

Question: Lincoln owes $3000 on his credit card, which charges 18% interest. He has decided to stop charging anything else on his credit card and to pay off the balance in 3 years. How much would he need to pay each month to accomplish this?

Answer: $45,678,375

Question: Who were the Pythagoreans?

Answer: Sigmund Freud?