Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Front Moving Through

  1. All of a sudden: bright blue sky peeking through the clouds, gusty winds, temperatures in the 70s (yesterday's high was maybe 50). The change in pressure is probably what set off my back. Online forecast calls for thunderstorms.

  2. Email from a student. At the end of the summer he asked me for a letter of recommendation for pharmacy school; despite a deadline sometime early in 2005, I got the letter out several weeks ago. This morning he got a phone call saying that he'd been admitted to their program.

  3. I bought a 12-pack of Diet Sunkist orange soda. I adore caffeinated citrus-flavored soda; if Fresca had caffeine, my life would be complete. If more vending machines had Fresca (or diet orange soda), I would be happier. Ironically, I first discovered Fresca in a vending machine (MIT's East Campus). Caffeine enhances pain-killers and works as an appetite suppressant.

  4. I decided to wear the new socks that I'd knit.