Saturday, December 18, 2004

*k1 sl1 purlwise wyif*

Last year I made an entrelac scarf out of Noro Kureyon. In some sense it's too lovely to give away, but I don't like it as much as I could because it has both a right side and a wrong side. So I don't wear it. (And it's wider than I like in a scarf. Maybe I should give it away for xmas.)

This morning I tried to figure out how to make something entrelac with stockinette on both sides -- two right sides. All the directions I could find for double knitting were vague, and I didn't want to do something with two different strands of yarn (too slow!), so I decided to knit it as a series of flat tubes, but back and forth on straight needles.

It was OK getting started: I cast on 2n stitches instead of n, and knit everything in *k1 sl1 purlwise wyif*. Since I was only working half the stitches during each pass, I doubled the number of rows. So far so good. Adjusting for the second side being a mirror image of the first wasn't so bad -- change the direction of the m1 and make the ssk into a k2tog. Executing the ssk and the k2tog was tricky, since there was a "back" stitch between the two "front" stitches, but I came up with a system for dealing with that (not elegant). And I started to come up with a strategy for picking up stitches that doesn't show too badly.

Several inches into my test swatch I realized the problem: a two-layer scarf is way too thick to be comfortable. Back to the drawing board.