Friday, December 17, 2004

Last Night at the Party

When I was talking to him, I had assumed that he'd already had a lot of the egg nog, but Christy (who lives across the street from him) says he's always like that. He's made seven visits to The Old Country and told me that I should go to his favorite coastal city (it happens to begin with the same few letters as my name). His reason for travelling? Women. He says that the women in that city are the most attractive because it's one of Europe's prime destinations for cheap plastic surgery. He knocked down a wall at the back of his house and put in an upstairs deck with a hot tub and a privacy fence. He gave me his business card.

Given a group homomorphism f: A \rightarrow B, his last name is B/Im(f). (There is also a street around here with the same name!) He got a variance so he could build a shed. He lives in the house with the barking dog.

The hostess. A children's librarian. Everyone else at the party seemed to already know her, and everyone loves her. Sweet, quirky, reminds me of some of my housemates from college.