Friday, December 17, 2004

Michael and Martha Have Let Me Down

Since everyone around here is pretending that it is winter, I decided to play along and wear a scarf and mittens together with my wonderful new coat when I went out this afternoon to get some stuff done. I started by grabbing lunch at the cafe. I had meant to work on some of the rough planning for my courses for the spring (multi-section courses where everyone is supposed to do the same thing), but I couldn't get into it and thought about Hopf Algebras instead. But that made quick work of my mind and left me with most of the afternoon to get some shopping done.

I'm almost all moved into the new desk, and the only thing that I need is a drawer organizer. My current one is lame and plastic; I think I got it at a dollar store in New Jersey. How hard could it be to find one, I thought. (See where this is going?) The only one they had at OfficeMax was lame. Cheaply made plastic. No style. Nothing reasonable at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Ditto for K-Mart and Target! Lame, lame, lame! Nothing in the office section of the store. Nothing in the kitchen section. Nothing, nothing, nothing! I am imagining CEOs and creative professionals with all of their very craftsmanlike and/or stylish and/or well-made office furniture and supplies but with their pencils and thumbtacks rolling around aimlessly in their desk drawers because all the drawer organizers are lame.

(Isaac Mizrahi, on the other hand, nothing but praise. Nice use of natural fiber blends. Wonderful attention to detail with piping, ribbon bindings, bound seams, linings tacked with thread chains, all manner of high quality construction techniques. Bold use of color. Too bad none of the clothes fit me.)

I'm going to look a bit more before I move to my back-up plan: toaster-oven sized baking pans and muffin tins.