Wednesday, December 15, 2004


  1. While doing my morning blog-reading and other internet nonsense/coffee drinking/bright light basking, I ran the swatch I knitted last night through the washing machine. It didn't felt. I specifically asked for the most feltiest yarn they had at the yarn store. I will need to send a new swatch to my mom and her old-school washing machine, as my Neptune may be too gentle.

  2. I got called into school to deal with a student's crisis. Instead of dancing around my den (carefully, as the lack of subfloor makes the floor shake enough for the CD to skip), I am in my office.

  3. As I was getting into my car, I thought to myself, "For a clear day, things look awful hazy." I forgot to put in my contact lenses. Not even Florida would allow me to drive with uncorrected vision.

  4. While driving down my street, I noticed that the parking permit was not on the rear view mirror. I had taken it off when the car was in the shop (for the 2nd time, getting another $390 worth of work). Fortunately, I had the foresight to put it in my backpack.

  5. After dealing with the first crisis, I looked up another student's score from the final because she had emailed asking for it. I noticed that I had mis-recorded another component of her score. Correcting my error raises her grade by one step.

  6. This caused me to double-check another student's grade. (Both had a major assignment graded at the same unusual time.) The other student's grade needs to be changed, too. This other student was not one of my favorites. I corrected the grade anyway.

  7. I called both students on the telephone to apologize. This is a huge act of penance, as I would rather starve to death than call for a pizza. Fortunately at this time of year, "Happy Holidays" serves as a code phrase meaning, "I want to stop talking to you and end this conversation now."

  8. I have decided not to try to do any real math today, as anything I prove would probably turn out to be wrong. Unless I found a counter-example invalidating all my previous work; that would turn out to be right.