Saturday, December 11, 2004

Updates on My Little Brother

One thing about being at my parents' house is that I get to hear about what's going on with my brother. I've probably spoken to my brother about a half dozen times in the past several years; I see him at a family gathering once every other year (on average). I don't know his mailing address, his email address, or his phone number. It's not that we're angry at each other or don't particularly get along. It's just that we have nothing to say to each other. Maybe you had a college roommate like that -- OK enough to live with over the short term, annoying at times, but no good reason to stay in touch.

Yesterday (his 28th birthday, btw -- no I didn't get a card) he had a job interview with a start-up airline in the southwestern US. Anyone who has ever ridden in a car driven by my brother has a distinct opinion about him being a pilot. These opinions range from, "I can't believe that the FAA allows him to fly 737s" to, "Well, airplanes are supposed to go fast." He wouldn't be flying 737s for the start-up airline -- most likely Cessna Caravans or some other mosquito-like plane.

Since Mom and Dad say that his house is a fixer-upper, too, I'm thinking of getting him a Home Depot gift certificate as an xmas present. If I do that while I'm up here, then maybe I can have Mom pack it in the box of gifts that she'll be sending.