Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I've had a headache since Monday. That reads slightly different from my saying (as I believe may be the case) that I've had a migraine since Monday. And both read differently from the truth. This is much more of a I-wonder-if-Joan-of-Arc-had-headaches-like-this-too-bad-the-pain-isn't-bad-enough-to-try-to-score-some-narcotics-because-wow-I-would-have-amazing-dreams-if-I-could-get-some-codeine headache. Not so much about the pain. Halos tending towards visions, that sort of thing. Not so good is that I am having trouble focusing on my surroundings, and I keep spacing out. Yesterday I was driving, and I had no idea where I was. I was somewhere on a winding road, and I considered the possibilities: Route 11 in Vermont? In the mountains on the way to the Anza Borrego desert? Near Owego, NY? Eventually I saw a sign and snapped back into reality. But it's been that sort of week; we'll see where we go from here.