Monday, January 17, 2005

Holiday Weekend

I've kept to my plan that I won't do any class-prep work over weekends -- this is easiest on weeks like this one when I don't have to teach on Monday. Part of this is facilitated by the fact that all my classes meet in the same building on the same floor as the supply closet, so I can use an overhead projector*. This means that I can write the in-class activity on a transparency instead of typing it up and xeroxing it for the students.

So yesterday I spent two hours cleaning the kitchen. It's still not 100% clean because it had been allowed to get really bad (and I hate to clean). You see, the plan was that over Christmas, my brother was going to Atlanta with his wife to see her parents. But her parents are from India and very traditional and not very fun**. So my brother was going to drive here and we were going to spend a week renovating the kitchen. Stop laughing! You've seen the transformations that they can do on Trading Spaces in only two days! But in any case, I was loathe to clean something that I thought was headed to the dump. I put on some loud music from the early 90s and cleaned. And I was thinking that when I bought those albums, my view of my future was very different from how things turned out.

Yesterday I also finished the pair of socks I'd been knitting. So today should be free for getting some real work done. But first I need to clean the clutter off my desk.

*My school does not have an overhead in every room, so if you want to use one, you have to check one out and roll the cart to the classroom. This means that if you teach back-to-back classes in different buildings, then there isn't enough time to deal with checking in and out overhead projectors.

**I'm sure that there are traditional Indian families that are a lot of fun. This is not one of them. They would probably be just as un-fun if they'd lived in the US for several generations.