Tuesday, January 25, 2005

If Everyone Else Jumped Off a Bridge...

Many of the other blogs I read include mentions -- either in depth or in passing -- of yoga classes, going to the gym, walking, or other fitness-type activities. And so I got to thinking: I haven't taken a yoga class since 2001, and the last time I did anything resembling going to a gym was when I was trapped in three-times-a-week physical therapy after my second car accident. Continuing this line of thought I considered getting back into it, finding a yoga class, doing some of my physical therapy exercises, maybe walking to school on days that I don't teach. (Anyone who knows me will instantly realize that gyms freak me out and that I would never go to an actual gym by myself.)

But then I recognized this feeling. I learned about this in health class in 1987. This is peer pressure.