Thursday, January 20, 2005


  1. It is 38 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside. The air conditioner in my office keeps cycling on. The heat is also on. Which will win: heat or a/c? Right now it feels like the heat is winning, but the air conditioner is putting up a good fight.

  2. I do not have voicemail on my office phone because the department feels it is too expensive. Other departments pay for their faculty to have voicemail.

  3. Today I was looking for the office phone number of Marybeth Williams (a faculty member in another department). I went to our University's web page, and clicked on people search. I tried searching for Williams, Marybeth. Nothing came up. Tried again for Williams. It would only show the first 20 results; she was not one of them. Tried again: Williams, M*. Doesn't like wildcards; no results. What about Williams, Mary? Nope. Finally: Williams, Mary Beth. That worked.

  4. I hate Blackboard.