Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Making Things Up as I Go Along

Every plan that I make seems to change, so I've decided to take the next week or so as it comes. There really are very few things that I need to do.

LaTeX output
Turns out that one of my friends from grad school isn't going to the Meeting. That's too bad, since I was hoping to get back in touch; I'm horrible at keeping up with people.

Now I will print the slides, pack, and buy more size 8 knitting needles -- last night I designed a new project (a seamless bag), and it calls for both circular (and dpn) and straight needles and lots of stitch holders. (Well, there will be either grafting or 3-needle bind off across the bottom.) If I can make this work, I'm going to start working on them for xmas gifts for next year. (Secret message to family: they will be stripey because I'm trying to use up leftover yarn.)

Assuming nothing else comes up (and I can go to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight), I should be in Atlanta tomorrow mid-day.