Saturday, January 01, 2005


  1. Yesterday I wasn't able to chit-chat with my new stylist because the salon was too noisy. I can either tune out all sounds or be distracted by all of them. I can't isolate one person talking.

  2. I hate how the local NPR station plays classical music all day on weekends. Given a choice, I'd have news/talk on all day -- and hear none of it.

  3. Don't tell my students: I sort of miss them between semesters. When they drop their calculators, the noise freaks me out (a lot).

  4. Because of the holiday, the small local coffee places were all closed tonight. I went to Starbucks, but it was unsatisfying.

  5. After I left, I drove around aimlessly for a while, listening to a CD that I hadn't heard in a while (The Pixies: Trompe le Monde). I had to turn the music down because I was spacing out and losing track of my surroundings.

  6. I considered getting on the freeway and driving to North Carolina because I've never been there before (unless you count one layover at Charlotte airport). I changed my mind and came home.