Sunday, January 02, 2005

This Evening at the Cafe

  1. The usual cafe was still closed for the holiday weekend, so I drove to the inferior cafe. The inferior cafe is actually within walking distance, but I wasn't up for the walk: I don't want to smile; I don't have a cigarette or a light; I can't spare some change.

  2. I saw the nuclear engineer who I sometimes see at the usual cafe. This time he didn't ask me what I was working on. Good thing, as I was trying to remember an example of a noetherian k-algebra, A, where it's no longer noetherian when you extend scalars to A^\prime = A \otimes k^\prime, where k^\prime is an algebraic extension of k.

  3. The guy at the next table was reading a library book. His friend asked him what he was reading. He said that he got a postcard from the library that the book he'd reserved was ready for him to pick up -- even though he hadn't reserved a book. He checked it out anyway, and that's what he's reading. He said that this isn't the first time this happened, but that they're always really good books.