Saturday, January 01, 2005

What Mathematicians Talk About: For Jo(e)

In a comment at Vegeta's, Jo(e) asked what mathematicians talk about. In support of my (only somewhat facetious) claim that mathematics is the specialized study of jargon, I present titles of a few talks being given this coming week at the AMS Meeting in Atlanta. My method of selecting abstracts was to look through the program and to choose the first few talks where I had met at least one of the co-authors. Titles link the the pdf abstract.
  1. Douglas Cenzer and Jeffrey B. Remmel (the advisor of one of my friends): Proof-Theoretic Strength of the Stable Marriage Theorem.

  2. Leah H. Gold (who I met at some Women In Math thing): 3 generated ideals and the tails of their free resolutions.

  3. Laura Felicia Matusevich, Ezra Miller (who I met when I was in grad school), Uli Walther: Holonomic ranks in parametric families.

  4. Lisa R. Galminas and John W. Rosenthal (who did not hire me for an adjunct position for spring 2001): On the Decidability of Lattices of Finite Dimensional Steinitz Exchange Systems.