Monday, January 31, 2005

Yesterday Afternoon at the Fabric Store

  1. With the internet being down at my house, you would think that I would take advatage of the free time and spend some of it trying to figure out once and for all what distinguishes a plain ol' dedekind domain from an excellent dedekind domain. Instead I went to the fabric store. Because a girl needs a purple plaid flannel skirt. Flannel at $1.96 a yard -- I'm not even going to make a muslin. I'll just do rough fitting from the tissue and cut the pieces with generous seam allowances to allow for alteration.

  2. There were these two (approximately) 12-year-old girls also shopping for fabric. They were talking about the pros and cons of going on "the starvation diet."

  3. In order to sell fabric at $1.96 a yard, the store must not spend much on labor. The clueless cashier let the person ahead of me take both the store copy (unsigned) and the customer copy of the credit card receipt. When my card wouldn't scan (bad magnetic stripe), she had trouble keying in the numbers by hand; she mis-keyed the expiration date. I didn't say anything because I was frustrated and impatient. (I was grumpy because I hadn't had anything to eat yet that day.) The transaction went through anyway.