Friday, February 11, 2005


  1. The only drawback to teaching back-to-back classes starting at 8am is that I need to do all my Monday xeroxing on Friday afternoon.

  2. They've finally received permission to interview candidates for the job I've applied for. Now I need to write a job-talk. The standard research job-talk isn't what they're looking for, either.

  3. Can you cover a class for me? I'm running out of people to ask. I'm talking at a teacher in-service on April 1, and I've arranged for standard-sub to procter exams in all my classes. But then there's the AMS meeting March 18 (the day before spring break). Standard-sub may want to go the the meeting or else to some birthday-conference in NYC. I've planned a movie. But now with this interview coming up, I might have to miss another day. I do have another movie they could watch or you could teach about the Golden Rectangle.